Mannheim Castle concerts

The Mannheim Palace Concerts have enriched the region's classical music scene for years. Under the artistic direction of the conductor Paul Meyer, you will be offered a brilliant sound experience that reverberates from the walls in the baroque halls with fabulous acoustics.
Once it was the residence of the Palatinate electors, today Mannheim Castle serves as a historical venue for cultural events. The knight's hall, in which the castle concerts also take place, is particularly impressive with its baroque furnishings. So while you are following the compositions of gifted instrumentalists and musicians, you will also be treated to a real feast for the eyes. The ceiling of the knight's hall is furnished with luxurious chandeliers and an elaborate fresco by Carolus Vocke. Let your gaze wander over the heavenly sky scene and get lost in the total work of art presented.

Hambach Castle concerts

In the beautiful Hambach, a district of the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, the Hambach Castle towers over the Rhine plain. As a medieval castle, built under the Salian emperors, the castle (formerly also called Maxburg) was designed like a castle in modern times and is now one of the most popular event locations in the region.
Beyond the city limits, the Hambach Castle is the scene of the early German democracy endeavors, which are recorded in the history books as the "Hambach Festival". In addition to the regular tours, a large number of events are planned and carried out at the Hambach Castle every year.
Experience unique and outstanding concerts in the historic Hambach Palace against a distinctive backdrop.


The strenght is to be found in serenity. An old wisdom, which in today's time of general activity, the "higher - faster - further" obviously only plays a secondary role: cell phones and e-mails are our constant companions, total availability around the clock is almost law , jetting around the globe at a frantic pace normality and on average not being able or wanting to concentrate on one thing for more than three minutes, fact.
This is exactly where the Mannheim Chamber Orchestra (KKO) comes in with its concert format of the "Dream Concerts in the Castle": It consistently pursues the idea of consciously countering the haste of time and offering its audience a completely new musical platform, that invites you to relax, linger and relax.

The Mannheim School 2.0

The new school project of the KKO offers children and young people completely new opportunities to slow down with music. With the "Dream Concert at School" we would like to invite young people to listen to classical music lying down and with their eyes closed. Relive classic - relaxed and cool.


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