Mannheim Palace concerts

For many years, our concerts at the Mannheim Baroque Palace have enriched the region's musical landscape. Under the artistic direction of Paul Meyer you will be offered a brilliant sound experience which is reflected in the baroque hall by the fabulous acoustics of the walls.
Once the residence of the Palatinate Electors, Mannheim Palace is the historic venue for cultural events today. It is the Knights Hall (Rittersaal) in particular where the Palace Concerts take place which impresses the audience by its baroque atmosphere. While you are listening to the compositions of excellent instrumentalists and musicians, you will experience a true feast for your eyes in addition to a feast for your ears. Luxurious chandeliers illuminate the ceiling of the Knights' Hall which is decorated by Carolus Vocke's elaborate frescoes. You must let your eyes roam over the heavenly scenes and get lost in this astounding work of art.

Concerts at Hambach Castle

High above beautiful Hambach, a part of the Palatinate town of Neustadt, Hambach Castle dominates the Rhine valley. Originally built as a medieval castle by the Salian emperors, the castle – called "Maxburg" in former times – was restructured as a palatial location in modern times and is one of the favourite venues of the region.

Far beyond the borders of the town, Hambach Castle has a claim to be the setting for early efforts at democracy which have gone down as the "Hambach Feast" in history books. Apart from regular guided tours, a large number of events are planned and take place at Hambach Castle. You will experience unique and outstanding concerts in this distinctive historic setting.

Dream Concerts

There is strength in tranquillity. This ancient wisdom which, however, in these modern times of restless activity of moving higher – faster – farther only plays a minor role: These are the facts of our lives: mobile phones and e-mails are our constant companions, total availability round the clock is almost a law, jetting round the globe in frantic speed is normal and not being able to concentrate on an issue for more than three minutes on average is standard.
It is against this very background that the Chamber Orchestra Mannheim has been setting its "Dream Concerts" purposefully: By creating a deliberate counterpoint to the hustle of our times, these dream concerts pursue the consistent idea of giving their audiences a wholly new musical experience inviting them to relax, linger and let their minds wander.

The Mannheim School 2.0

The new school project of the Chamber Orchestra Mannheim offers wholly new opportunities to children and youngsters to slow down through music. The "Dream Concerts at School" want to invite young people to enjoy classical music lying down and listening with their eyes closed. Experience classical music in a relaxed and cool mood!

Special Events