Concert Season 2020/2021

An unusual musical break with the Mannheim Chamber Orchestra

The strenght is to be found in serenity. An old wisdom, which in today's time of general activity, the "higher - faster - further" obviously only plays a secondary role: cell phones and e-mails are our constant companions, total availability around the clock is almost law , jetting around the globe at a frantic pace normality and on average not being able or wanting to concentrate on one thing for more than three minutes, fact.
But the general bustle also seems to cast dark shadows, because in recent years there have been very low voices, which is why we actually need cars with a maximum speed of 1609 km / h or whether it really makes sense to close buildings at dizzying heights build, which will soon even surpass the 1000 meter mark. Movements such as Slow Food, Cittàslow, Slowretail and Slow Travel are experiencing a real boom and reflect the obvious need for rest, muse and deceleration.
This is exactly where the Mannheim Chamber Orchestra (KKO) comes in with its concert format of the "Dream Concerts in the Castle": It consistently pursues the idea of ​​consciously countering the haste of time and offering its audience a completely new musical platform, that invites you to relax, linger and relax. The momentum of pausing and contemplating is the main element in the dream concerts. The listener should not only enjoy a musical break from everyday life, much more: he can if you want and allow it, go on a journey to yourself throughout the entire concert, sound yourself out and re-ground yourself, and we fully trust the power of music, which per se has a deeply moving effect and responds directly. However, in order to really get involved with the music with all of our senses, we decided to put all of our dream concerts in a lying position to take place! In other words, comfortable mattresses were purchased for this, along with blankets and a small pillow - a complete, small, lovingly prepared own relaxation area with bed candy, on which the listener takes a seat and plunges into the warm atmosphere of the room. When lying down, he can relax and follow the calm flow of selected classical music and let his thoughts run free in dreams. In order to increase the feel-good factor even more, a lighting artist ensures very special light installations at every concert. Since the dream concerts all take place in the magnificent ambience of the baroque knight's hall in Mannheim Castle, this is an additional, important element that makes the dream concerts as a whole package so unique. Because here you can not only listen to classical music exceptionally relaxed in the exclusive, intimate circle of just 90 listeners, but at the same time you get the rare opportunity to immerse yourself in the beautiful ceiling painting of the knight's hall in a comfortable position.